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\Formula three thousand one hundred sixty-two
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. Your bartender for me, even if you are college work-study students, room and board and all expenses,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], all from the institute is responsible for,one time is also too close to call. However, you think of that? \Ji Yang Ping-day sounds of the words, his eyes showed the sort of thinking about light.
    Yang Ping-day smile, intimate knowledge of the road: \in this range. School enrollment each year more than a thousand students, entrance exam is very strict, only the gifted students we will be receiving an excellent, large thirty percent graduation rate, which is the primary yin and yang in the whole continent Magic School Teachers also can be discharged into the top ten. \\Yang Ping-day patted his forehead,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], helplessly: \apprenticeship, and crown the success of yin and yang unite, before allowed to graduate. Once the crown has the yin and yang,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], yin and yang is a real magician, and whether you will later engage in any occupation much easier, even if you do not work, the Empire would give some living expenses. As you said the graduation rate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the average primary teacher Yang Magic School to have the graduation rate of ten percent of them would giggle. \Ji moving nodded his head, said: \Yang Ping-day eyes flash of pride, \Ji stood up and moving, \Yang Ping-day first froze a moment, he would react immediately, \Ji action stopped, without turning: \Why not go to work the bar? \Yang Ping-day big wrinkled brow, \Ji move suddenly turned around, \Yang Ping-day also stood up, walked slowly moving in front of JI, condescending look at him, \is the anger of light looming, Yang Ping-days away from the fire, not just in this city, and even the fire in the southern empire have a high status, by their own to retrieve a small beggar contradict, some of his mind could not accept. He seemed to ask, what qualifications do you have to talk to me about conditions.
    Ji move looked up and looked Yang Ping-day eyes, so full of pressure, \can get, you must return to more than a double. In short, today I have prepared a cup of flames burning feeling, it's still rubbish. \Yang Ping-day Somewhat taken aback, \Ji dynamic flash of sadness in the eyes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], \Formula three thousand one hundred sixty-two, if given enough time and materials I have, this figure will only rise. I talk to you about the conditions by virtue of that, six years, never let you drink a cup repeat cocktails. Each cup quality will only be on top of this cup today, and if I can not, you can always make me get out from here. Now, I qualified enough? \has been filled with pride, even with a bit choked.
    Previous life as a brilliant generation of Bacchus, and when questioned had been face to face? Although JI has been trying to accept their own dynamic of this new identity, but his share of bones that he is still proud of or would not bow to anyone. Even knowing that the man in front and it may change the fate of their new identity that is the same. As a beggar he had also been begging Shique once, just by virtue of the accumulated body barely dry food that point.
    Yang Ping-naive shock, in front of the child is too arrogant, and

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\Formula three thousand one hundred sixty-two
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