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telling them
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rights: four consumers are losing money withdrawal machine
but provided a call recording Wang Xiaobin, the Shenzhen branch of the high Hongheng Chang Wen Wang Chin is the project manager, said he was roasted refurbished machine is, has nothing to do with the company.
broke the news: hundreds of units a month to sell refurbished machines
he said, started going to post soon, he found the company after the sale of computer repair computer --- one of these after the sale fails, consumers in the \shifting five-day \Such machines in accordance with the formal processes, it should be discounted and sold to employees within the organization.
22-year-old Wang Xiaobin, the company decided to \ since 2008 in Shenzhen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Wang Xiaobin high Hongheng Chang Technology Co., Ltd. in computer sales. This year in June, leaving him into conflict with the company, after the contact had purchased HP laptop in some consumers, telling them: through the maintenance of these computers are refurbished machines. \\The first five consumer's computer has been confirmed by Hewlett-Packard: before buying them, there are maintenance records. Including four consumers get refunds processed and awarded 1,500 yuan per person per additional transportation costs, loss of working time fees.

2008 年 10 months, the 20-year-old into high Hongheng Chang Wang Xiaobin, Guangzhou Branch. As HP and Acer and other international IT giants in the Asia Pacific's largest retailer,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the company's IT high-Hong Hengchang retail network covering the whole chain, major cities and regions.
computer serial number,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], dial the HP service hotline. Followed by the mailbox, computer serial number to five sent to customer service,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and soon received a Hewlett-Packard sent the query results --- 5 computers, 4 there have been maintenance records, the time is 2010 April before. In other words, these computers before sale, it had already carried out the repairs. One 4 \
2009 年 8 months, Wang Xiaobin from Guangzhou to Shenzhen. \\But on June 13, in contradiction with the company because, after the departure of which he blew the whistle on shady decision.
He said: salesman sell a machine with 100 dollars and 10% of income security at the end of the profit commission. Refurbished into the lowest bidder, selling price flexibility, there are 1,000 yuan a minimum profit. So many salespeople to make money, are willing to sell.
company to respond
Wang Xiaobin, said such a situation exists not only in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, in the country, there is the old charge that the renovation of the new machines sold.
next day, Sun not try holding the psychological, Huaqiang North and Wang Xiaobin meet. He and four consumers, the laptop serial number and told Wang Xiaobin.
Wang Xiaobin holding them
6 23, 4 Non Sun's lead down to the Wang Xiaobin Business Bureau complaints. Subsequently, the business people accompanying them to the high-Hong Hengchang company. After consultation, they return the original computer, and each receive 1,500 yuan loss of working time, transportation for compensation.
\This is too bad. \The work of a unit in Shenzhen, non-Sun this year in May to the computer store, Huaqiang North High Hongheng Chang, the price of 4150 yuan to buy a model 6535B Hewlett-Packard laptop.

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telling them
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