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content sharing and other means of communication
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unified communications computer technology and traditional communications technology integration, enterprise information in recent years become a new hot spot. According to IDC forecasts, by 2011, China's unified communications applications market will grow to 126 million. However, the data show that the total value of unified communications market, the value of communications equipment accounted for 63.9%; the domestic use of unified communications services,Desire HD upgraded version of HTC Inspir ..., and only Fortune 500 and other large enterprises, high equipment investment that enterprises and government agencies and prohibitively large number of SMEs.
There is no low-cost solution? China Mobile launched Fetion Enterprise Edition solves this problem. The telecom integrated communications services to business contacts as the core,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], fusion instant messaging, text messaging, conferences, e-mail and other means of communication, through the enterprise network,and the Master from the first quarter of 2011, Internet, mobile networks, enterprise personnel and colleagues, external clients, personal good seamless interoperability between friends anytime, anywhere. Enterprise flying letters, especially for those who have geographic distance, not with the office of the enterprises and organizations, which get more and more authorized users.
Flying Enterprise Edition is the first letter of authority in government and enterprises have been recognized. To the CYL Central Committee, for example, China Mobile launched its services business to fly the letter, on the one hand protect the organization's zero input,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], zero deployment, cost savings institution; the other hand, the organization's office to improve, greatly enhance the work efficiency .
Since early 2010 the Department of the Central Committee of Youth volunteer work since the opening of business flying letters, there are from 38 provincial and 300 municipal projects a total of 965 League cadres do enjoy the service. Enterprise flying letters in the application of the Central Committee, has not only the national, provincial and municipal projects in-house real-time communication and exchange, but also for carrying out the mobilization of organized structures of the convenient and efficient information platform. On this platform, the Central Committee specially set up for the grassroots members of the integrated communications service system - \Among them, the establishment of the county in Hebei,- New builtin wscript.exe, \Mission to the relevant staff members said that in the course of their work, they via voice, text, text messaging, file exchange, content sharing and other means of communication, effective communication and cooperation achieved, thus the Communist Youth League on the real love of children of migrant workers fall into practice.
Experts analyze that the large multinational corporations usually by high equipment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], human input to ensure efficient internal communication, stability and security; while for SMEs and enterprises and government agencies it is difficult to invest a lot of money to ensure the safety of business quality, software features and user-friendly aspects of high standards. The company helps businesses to fly the letter at the lowest possible cost, to achieve greater efficiency in communication, try to integrate existing enterprise resources, reduce duplication of investment. This feature coupled with low investment letter business to fly 100 million subscribers, is bound to have a stimulating effect on other firms, prompting them to take a number of lower costs or improve service means to avoid this \
Recently, China Mobile's data showed, flying letters, Enterprise Edition on-line the past year, the number has exceeded 100 million end-users. In this connection, the experts said, flying letters, Enterprise Edition with telecom grade quality of service and safety factor, combined with zero investment business users can enjoy, SMEs, and government and enterprise customers to worry about trying to lower the cost of application, so easy to scale . It is foreseeable that the rise of flying letters, most likely in the unified communications market, the domestic low-cost-focused trigger a new round of competition.

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content sharing and other means of communication
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