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000 units.
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as the industry expected, the Asia Pacific market in the iPad landing day, hundreds of Apple fans line up in front of Apple retail stores this \iPad successful sale in the region will continue to push iPad sales, and parts suppliers have been unable to meet Apple's needs.
AT & T senior executive vice president and CFO 里克林德纳 (Rick Lindner), said these users, about 75-80 percent chose the highest data packages.
the supply chain means that companies need to stress more money to spend to get the necessary parts, but consumers still want to buy a more attractive competitive goods. Not only have outstanding features, the price is also an important consideration.
parts shortages advantage
iPad was a great success, as the MP3 player market in the \Apple laptops and the Internet not only had an impact on the industry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and now even their competitors in the production of \
Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand and other Asia Pacific markets until the last week has just begun selling iPad. But Apple has already won, but also in the products into the Asia Pacific market even before the victory.
question is whether Apple will be converted into short-term advantage of unrivaled market leadership? IPod and iPhone from the development of the past, Apple is fully equipped with such strength. Although Microsoft has with Windows took the field in the desktop Apple control, but Apple has learned a lesson, will not be any leniency.
This once again declared the end of the Internet, while Apple offers a Microsoft can not match advantage. The Consumer Electronics Association (hereinafter referred to as \CEA in the report, said: \\
as a huge market, so Apple's competitors in the future will certainly increase the investment in spare parts supply. Asia-Pacific region, many enterprises have begun to increase production capacity. But for now, parts supply is still a big advantage Apple, because Apple has started selling a popular product.
affect the market
3G version of the iPad is just beginning April 30 in the U.S. market, and therefore reflects only the sales of the product for two months.
industry executives acknowledge, iPad tremendous impact on consumers so that they surprised. Forrester analyst 萨拉鲁特曼 Epps (Sarah Rotman Epps) said: \\
Epps initially expected iPad 2010 and 2011, respectively, in the U.S. market sales of 350 million and 840 million units. But only the June quarter, Apple sold 3.27 million worldwide units iPad. Not only version of Wi-Fi, 3G version of crazy iPad also been favorable. This is also AT & T's earnings report date to be confirmed. AT & T said the company's second quarter iPad activation volume from 400,000 to 500,000 units.
site ComputerWorld today the United States Department of IT Mingqiao Ni Evans (Jonny Evans) of the article said that the shortage of spare parts, other manufacturers can not make the timely introduction of tablet PCs, and Apple iPad will derive an advantage, ultimately, will take to obtain unmatched market leadership.
The following is the summary of article:
Apple COO Tim Cook
LG Display CEO right British show (Kwon Young-soo), said: \As supply and demand components, Apple may have delayed the release in some countries iPad. \\U.S. market research firm iSuppli
last week, is expected to rise this year's iPad sales by 82% to 1,300 million units. iSuppli Rhoda Alexander, director of display industry research (Rhoda Alexander) said: \\\
This might restrict sales of Apple's own, but it can also affect the competitors still in the embryonic stage of market development path. U.S. market research firm Forrester,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], said, however, iPad great success forced the company still raised its sales forecast for Tablet PC industry.
that Apple in the mobile space will be a huge advantage. In this area, the demand for low energy consumption is much higher than the PC area. Apple can be decisive to give up Flash, but in other platforms, but not so easy.
even competitors can have with the iPad tablet comparable prices, but also to deal with parts shortages, and create a significant application development environment, they are still hard to compete with Apple.
(Tim Cook) earlier this week, said: \\
iSuppli president and CEO of Delhi Credo (Derek Lidow) said: \impact. \
because Apple has an operating system and control their own mobile devices, processor design, so you can ensure efficiency. This efficiency can not be replicated by any competitor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], of course, Android,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and can not be a threat to Windows Phone 7. After the two systems are not designed for a specific device, but for the development of multiple devices from different manufacturers.
Sina Technology News
Not only that,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], iPad also gradually began to have an impact on the enterprise market. It'd very surprised. AT & T said that many companies have tried iPad, and is expected to replace the laptop with the iPad.
This is exactly the Apple Tablet PC has won the battle of the reasons: the so-called \Even if you can design the best in the world of tablet PCs, but without parts, it is meaningless.
efficiency unmatched

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000 units.
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