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in the next weapons
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However, in the abdomen on his head but the crown has a six-Yang Mian. Six half-star crown, sixty-one a wood days disabilities. Cross the next one is riding a blue and monitor lizards, monitor lizards that from start to finish, full length of eight meters away, the elderly ferocious body scales, a huge head, apparently also in a long,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], six-order of Warcraft, clear wood dragon lizard.
    Ji know this person moving in the Yin Yang school, he ranked even higher than the water if the cold on the first.
    Ji move came after the world first saw the combination of technology, that is, if the cold water by him and cast magic skills Mizuki dual-line therapy. Yin and Yang is currently ranked fourth in the long school day.
    Long days of wearing a blue suit of armor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his right hand holding a long-handled swords, full of masculine glaucoma breath of life is constantly dragon lizard from his body and released Aoki, Ji move directly into the body. Of magic, his magic is of course impossible with a dark wooden saint compared to the ultimate magic, but of experience as a strong yin and yang of the top five schools in his magic on the properties of control and familiarity, and it is not can match the scorpions and Hanyu. Get the help of his horse,\Flames surprised, Ji moving even feel as if the book under the original Yao Qian increase in general. Ping Wu Yuan Yang torch power and influence soaring.
    \Ji moving his magic to help although not as directly as Hanyu transmitted through physical contact, but with the highest day of the six persons,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], break through the bottleneck of the repair, as well as a wood Aoki magic dragon lizard, an increase of effect is in no way weak. Long days can not move the body to help him contact with Ji increases the simple reason is because he has to control a dragon lizard Aoki, another point, and most importantly,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the flame burning above the king's ultimate body sun close to the fire he can not .
    In addition to brothers and Blue Boa This is a move in the battlefield Ji \The emergence of long days on the move for Ji, not only with the help of strength, he let Ji dynamic to their not alone.
    When Ji move back again to face the ultimate terror Otsuki level of magic has been raised to the Scorpion, the scorpion was amazed to find, Ji cold after moving the mask changed the red eye, like a flame in the combustion of two groups of blood in general, a strong fighting spirit With the ultimate haughty and overbearing gushing out.
    Aquatic wood to wood fire, in the next weapons, fire king charcoal Baoshe gold, indomitable in the face of the scorpion.
    Ji action that is full of kings face the haughty domineering body type,to any country, scorpions contend fear, right hand raised, but the most simple way to Looking Kyi, raising his hand move, showing her white hands full glory, \in the faint white lotus flower, floating, like a muddy from the phase-like force. However, she soon sold this hand, it has been moving to the front of JI, the two moments of late seems to shorten the distance in general.
    Three-meter-high flame king face that a slender body of Yu Zhang, Ji action has become an unprecedented look dignified, no one can feel the outside world to send the magic of change scorpions, only action can only feel the pressure of JI how great.
    By the dark magic of Kwai water saints Hanyu integration, the ultimate mu magic scorpion full days with a connection to the vigorous mountain, such as Yue vitality. And this happens is full of vitality and the feeling of foam, like a puff of tough but overwhelmingly hundred fold. Why not move on JI Charge attack, because the long days in the magic of a wood delivered to him at the same time, that the ultimate magic of Melaleuca have been a hundred fold as an invisible cover practice moments compression to his body.
    Combination of magic, is definitely one plus one is greater than two, as the dark mu saint scorpion is extremely smart, she chose the most reliable but also the most direct way things move launched an attack to JI, that is the magic of repression. Under such circumstances, how can we let her move Ji succeed, so he soon started in the scorpion on the choice of when to attack.
    That jade scorpion-like face of the palm, Ji move also raised his right hand, the flame that giant dog king palm palm print directly with scorpions, gold and white, two extreme brilliance Baoshe moment, which strength is the most direct competition.
    Scorpion With the integration of the two saints magic, water, wood. Ji is moving with the wood fire and the sun and moon magic double-hui Yang Jun gloves and armor increase.
    Palms touch then, the outcome set points. No violent roar, a circle so that the two sides can not help magician paused an instant the huge volatility spread magic. Gold spot numerous scattered in the air play, and that instant burst of red and gold figure back, the body rotation in the air a few weeks before falling to the ground.
    Scorpions have been standing by at the location stays very positive fire magic did not apply to her any erosion. Ji was also moving her palm crashed earthquake

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in the next weapons
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