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to escape his attention. I'm damned
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Only death of the bar, and even dead, he ambition persist apt adore the man it.
Misty eyes, the chilly lip, falling 1 after another detailed, gentle watery kiss.
He closed his eyes, sensibility the rainy liquid, rapidly shed from the cheeks, feeling the love in the chest, I listened the sound of drums earthquake, the more expansion the greater the ... ...
Then he extended out his hands,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], clutching the man.
They struggle in the cold snow for a long, cold aggression, Lindsay sea again and repeatedly played for sneezing, and merely then inundated in the cold embrace of the Peng too awakened.
Finally hack into a cab and the driver filmed towards the sea Lindsay beachfront hostel beginning apt the car, they went straight to the counter to open apartment.
Along the access, either holding each other's hands tightly, ignoring the mysterious sight of others. If you absence to murmur are two gay, let them murmur Well, anyhow, this namely a fact.
If so, Lindsay sea would likewise favor to announce to the earth, nigh the man namely his favorite human in this life!
Hotel door was shut, Peng also cold kiss to clutch him,Christian Louboutin, while his hands off each other's raiment,Christian Louboutin, eager, and Lindsay also refused to yield the sea, meantime the reaction to his kiss, plucking down each other's overcoat.
They eventually interlinked idea, action persistent tacit comprehending, absence to come into contact with each additional for soon as returning to the peel.
Your body is cold, like ice, like. Peng cold there breathing heavily, stroking his behind.
You too, appearance waiting because how long? Lindsay cold sea while exploring the shoulders of men, Qingtian his cool insolence.
Fortunately,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 3 or 4 hours only. Peng also cold hands ashore the solution to his jeans belt, raiment falling off a piece, they slowly moved toward the mattress to go ... ...
How not to go into the house, etc.?
Dai Anni put me out. Peng also cold laugh, she took a broom, swept out of me, yet this is what I deserve.
Fool. Lindsay sea tin no aid but chuckle, he was a man of his jeans Paxia.
Entanglement in the two warm, the body was opening to heat ... ...
That night, I in the end you do? Peng also cold pressed him aboard the bed, staring by his eyes.
Bastard, do not inquire friends. The thought of that night, Lindsay sea and a heart saddened, but also a mini timid, are not dropped eyelids,Christian Louboutin, to escape his care.
I'm damned! Han Peng also painful to say approximately, the slender kiss his impudence, I was not also many of it you do something?
Er, yes ah. Lindsay sea snappily said.
In the end how many? This is also much extra than it? Peng is also a great palm cold chilly globe, separated along a thin wafer of underwear, ask the men he yet Bizhang.
Ah ... ... Lindsay tin not assist but Yangqibozi sea, issued a pretty voice.
His waist started to significantly quake, jolt the hands of the masculine in men,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], quickly ashamed to fast expansion, to be malleable fingers caressing, in adding to hardness, increasingly hard, the front-end also unconsciously rainy out.
Is namely true? Rough hand man,Christian Louboutin, to continue the sweet torment, from altitude to base played with his acute location.
Ah ... ... ... ... than this, than this too much ... ... ... ... Lindsay too low panting sea, issued a wet sound.
Han Peng also elevated heaved his legs, down his pants, thrown beneath the bed, and then touch his finger directly overflowing with appetite.
Lindsay sea of ​​hands, gently shaking him by the arm, like yet rejected.
The mixing water and gas in his eyes, moist eyes,Christian Louboutin, shadowy the lights in the chamber, like the obsidian-like shine, exudes an irresistible handsome and sexy.
Peng also cold blood in a little while to talk,Christian Louboutin, the body slamming boom in full on the Bay, suddenly altered into a wolf, threw herself on him,Christian Louboutin, put his legs embedded in his thigh,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the side kissed him, while continuing his desire to rub up and down.
Lindsay issued the sea to nasal breathing sweet, soft to open his jaws to adopt his tongue, and make adore to suck ... ...
Well ... ah ... ... ...
Tongue adhere to the peak of the tongue, to each other, mail dyes stains Yinmi sound, undressed lower body, continue to be a man fondling provocation, pleasure is hard to bear, paired with the touch of tongue, so that the already inexperienced Lindsay sea could hold, expansion to the brink of the edge of the eruption.
Ah ... ... ... ... ... ... Do not stop me ... ... I'm coming out ... ...
He gently shook his brain, swaying his pliable body, rotating out from the front of the liquid, wet the man's fingers.
But the man has not the slightest unlock him, damp kiss, from the cervix down, always the path over the collarbone, and then, a licking pearly on the chest of his sunny red Rujian.
Ah ... ...
Lindsay wail of the sea instantly mail sweet, waist twisting madness, Tuigen Department vibrate cramps, always in the hands of a man a fit of.
So soon? Yi Zheng Peng is also a puny cold, with a laugh and kissed Lindsay was peppery sea of ​​red cheeks.
Because ... ... ... ... a long period do not
If the mosquito sound nice issued, he could virtually look his shame, that him and let him feel cute,Christian Louboutin, cute to not work.
Do not look at me!
Lindsay seen the sea by his angry, shouted at him, however, his eyes glowing strip of water vapor, has not the slightest bit convincing,Christian Louboutin, but extra arouses sympathy and admiration, and his lips too, gently shaking, as with fresh afterward the rain petals, seductive pick ... ...
Hello lovely.
Han Peng also could not assist leaning over,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], flashing his nose natural lips gloss, thin profile of his faultless lip line, bite his lower lip, licking and licking, sucking and sucking. At the same period, a finger, gently insert the Mixue backward him ... ...
Last period there like this? Is not inserted into the work? Have impair you? Damn, I swear I will not nectar!
The thought of what I missed out on, Peng is also cold to await for them to take the head opposition the wall.
... Ah ... that ... ... that was my premier time ... ... ... ...
Feeling in the body and out of man's fingers, the feeling of foreign invasion is naturally a little, but because his combination of Lindsay sea without the slightest grumble, but exertions to exhale, with his slide for Extension work.
The premier time? You never ... ...
This see, Peng is also a cold entirely zheng zhu.
What a thunderbolt!
No ... ... and others can not work ... ... ... ... ... ... and you Caixing
Seems to have felt too perplexed to say, Lindsay sea angry punch buffet man's right cheek, shut up you, do rapidly do what so much ridiculousness.
Too uneasy Poor, actually ambition to excavate a hole dig into,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
The morn of the sea,Christian Louboutin, and I really only Caixing? I ... ... I'm impressed,Christian Louboutin! Han Peng also hugged him, like a large dog rushed in his beloved main, moved to dawdle with his face ... ...
I'm apologetic, really apologetic,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! You kill me,Christian Louboutin, you are so precious for the first time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I really did not impressions. You screamed right, yelled, I'm really the worst bastards in this world!
Cut you a thousand times, I can not recompense for the detriment of all.
Lindsay grabbed his cilia and the sea, savage gaze at him, and eventually revealed a long want, the queen-like.
Prepare yourself, you are ready to adore in this life to be under my suit pants, only I'm from, otherwise, I'll dart in the frying pan.
Is, how do you ravage me anything,Christian Louboutin! Peng also obtain hold of his cold, thumping peppery air in his ears.
Fool, do not just put fingers in other people the body, while saying such a thing. Lindsay damaged out in the sea,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to hit his leg, who knows only a migrate to clamp the body of the fingers,Christian Louboutin, the soft first half of the body, it looks really cute.
I love you.
Peng also cold body in boiling, not longer patient does not survive, picked up his thin legs, hold up his waist, like a peppery iron with his arms, opened to the Court after he snapped firm entrance, slowly and firmly via him.
Ah ... ... Lindsay looked up and shrill sea-chin,Christian Louboutin, throat slightly rolling,Christian Louboutin, white cervix and graceful arc bent reveries.
Does it ache?

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to escape his attention. I'm damned
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