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but the leadership of the Public Security Bureau
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Shijie Wang Xiuyong not move to the end
Wang: my family all know my thing, my older brother was demobilized cadres, he called curse me out, said I was too provocative. My 80 year-old mother at home sick in bed now,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I'm sorry I have to go back empty-handed, this took eight thousand dollars, ready to go home tomorrow. If you can do at home, guaranteeing the beneficiaries, I would not come out. I left home 14 years to return home once. Have written: Southern Reporter correspondent Yong-Hua Han Chengliang tube Hsuan-Hsuan Chen Yi Kai
Wang: This thing is a long story. My first clue to the Dongkeng police to help them investigate prostitution, gambling dens, they proposed to give me an award, I am sorry to start, then the media reporters told me that I should get this money, I took Dongkeng 800 police awards. From this,the easiest way to a will, I realized that this thing is just to report, but also can be profitable, so we continue to report the.
shelter in Guangzhou Wang Xiuyong generous attempts by the media reports of street children on the day, brought to light the identity of anti-vice for the elderly, Wang Xiuyong ordering the landlord used within 3 days to move. To let it move, usually no less second-hand and Wang Fasheng landlord took the dispute to help the king find a house, also labeled more than 100 dollars for rent, helped move the night recruited tricycle.
Wang Xiuyong has moved.
note: did you draw, \Now get out of money, you might be more skeptical of your motives.
Police say
Wang: This I can accept that I itself is poor.
It is understood that Wang Xiuyong Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau to report the 35 cases,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Municipal Public Security Patrol Detachment verification, of which 6 were consistent with incentive provisions (ie, reporting the situation as been confirmed.) Guangdong Province reported crimes in accordance with the relevant award means every incentive to report cases of pornography and gambling 100-300 yuan, 300 yuan in Dongguan police conducted a ceiling on the Wang Xiuyong reward incentive paid to report 1,800 yuan. After learning of Wang Xiuyong living in poverty, Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau police also for their contributions to 6200 dollars as assistance. City Public Security Bureau, said the leadership Patrol Detachment, thank Wang Xiuyong of Dongguan crack down on gambling-related contributions of Jurisprudence, welcome him to the police can then provide clues, but I hope he improved reporting methods, personal safety.
in painting \Wang Xiuyong said later he experienced a number of moving, and also in the million Jianggong An retaliation had been knocked out four teeth near the branch, he can not stall entertainer normal as before,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], cut off sources of livelihood. Wang also said flatly, \But when a reporter asked to see when the next book, Wang Xiuyong not agree.
moved away from the home of Wang Xiuyong contrary, risk is more near. Now he does not walk on the path, specifically walking path. Wang Xiuyong said,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to draw a certain town, \\Wang Xiuyong said, ever since the painting of the \\
Reporter: So, money is a driving force in your report?
hope he improved reporting mode
began the movement in mind and, after Dongkeng, Road? and Wan Jiang. In six months time, Wang Xiuyong driven either the landlord or picked up by the government, lived in a total of four home.
refused to receive a report from the
note: after you no longer report it?
Reporter: What are your future plans?
fifth in the six months to a new home, Wang Xiuyong is under famous after moving his suffering. Have refused to receive the bonus Wang Xiuyong reported in a letter to the complaints related to the leadership of Dongguan City, the letter said, to help the police anti-vice Tiger, loss eight thousand, find the prize nowhere,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], dangerous, poverty stricken, in limbo. December 15, he demanded to the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau million in prize money.
king: and doubtless will be reported, but the leadership of the Public Security Bureau, as just said, will certainly focus on strategies and techniques, will conceal the name, not been so assertive.
Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau yesterday received eight thousand yuan after reporting bonuses and assistance, Wang Xiuyong said he had intended to buy a ticket back home.
generous attempts have been exposed as street children shelter
King: You can say that, since gambling has been reported yellow, car money, stay for money, once to visit Shi Jie, was chased, but also hit the car. After a report into occupational, and I spent all the money and destitute.
Wang Xiuyong (hereinafter referred to as \I was in Shandong from childhood growing up in the northeast, my character was too upright. This month I started a Buddhist, I saw a Buddhist book \
reporter (under the \What makes you quiet for half a year?
Wang Xiuyong to Dongguan has 14 years, after he just fixed the two township in Dongguan. \Wang Xiuyong this should be in June this year, as in previous years, as migratory birds like, move Shijie to live. Dongguan, in the first half but because of this massive \
Reporter: Police returned to you this time made a poverty relief fund with the money of this nature is different.
to ask for bonus money
May of this year, reported by the media \Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Wang Xiuyong, listening to him talk about his \
Wang Xiuyong finally brought to the landlord and the channel used? Changping a million across the river Xingu River Bay. \Gengrang Wang Xiuyong concern is that from his new home only a few hundred meters, there are home called \
from six months ago, began to draw the map since the anti-vice,our police are people too, this is Wang Xiuyong fourth move. But after Wang Xiuyong in Dongguan 14 years,controversy, he was only fixed in two of the town in Dongguan. \

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but the leadership of the Public Security Bureau
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