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and I wanted to make sure to include some images
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Thu, Oct 7th 2010 4:17am
More Comics About Copyrightfrom the jolly-roger dept
We recently wrote about how James Boyle,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], along with two other law professors, was putting together a comic book about copyright. It looks some others are thinking along the same lines (and, nicely, using Boyle's recent book as part of their inspiration). Someone sent over a link to the Jolly Roger comic book, which goes through the history of copyright in about 60 pages. Apparently, the original comic was in French, but this version has been translated to English. It highlights how copyright originally had nothing to do with artist's rights, but was initially a tool for royal censorship via printers and publishers. It highlights how copyright changed over time, and (obviously) spends lots of time on more recent happenings in the copyright world:
It discusses things like ACTA as well:

And even goes on to discuss how these same issues are playing out not just in copyright, but in many other areas concerning censorship and user rights as well:

Anyway, at 60 pages, it's definitely a pretty quick read. It's available in a web version as well as two ebook versions. My only issues with it are that I think it still focuses too much on the whole idea that copyright is about balance. As I've said in the past, it would only be about balance if it were a zero-sum game, but the evidence suggests that content is a non-zero sum game, and it's possible to look for ways to benefit everyone,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rather than looking for trade-offs. Separately, while it's great that they're using a Creative Commons license, I'm a bit disappointed that they've gone with a "non-commercial" license, which can be problematic. In fact, because of the "noncommercial" part, I hesitated about posting this story. After all, we are a commercial site, and I wanted to make sure to include some images, but technically I might be violating their CC license, and that seemed like too much trouble. However, in reading the comic, I felt that it's probably okay for me to discuss the comic in this matter... but just the fact that I had to consider it, and even thought about not posting it should, again, suggest why such licenses barring non-commercial use can cause more trouble than they're worth.
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by Mike Masnick
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comics, copyright,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], culture
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and I wanted to make sure to include some images
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