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16 passing touchdowns and 11 were steals
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San Francisco 49 people have been out two Hall of Fame quarterback super - Qiaomeng Fontana (Joe Montana) and Steve Young (Steve Young), Smith understands that he must continue to win, to live up to San Francisco 49ers quarterback as a high standard.

Smith now has a good catcher, and in this year's NBA draft, the team upgraded their offensive line also allows us to believe that Smith played in the new season better level, in the 2010 NBA Draft, the San Francisco 49ers value with their two first round of the daughter of the 11th and 17th overall were selected OT (offensive tackle) Anthony Davis and OG (Offensive Guard) Mike Iupati, they not only able to provide their quarterback well protected, the running attack in front they put on an explosive performance of the offensive group of 49 people have been in the league on the strength of the little match, and Alex Smith to do is a stable, self-confidence to play their own strength, nothing more.

5. Alex Smith (Alex Smith) 11 号 San Francisco 49ers
If Smith jumped at the chance, then the target will be 49 people not just the regular season, the National League West championship is their goal. (NFL official site special Sheng Weifeng)

1. Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) 2 号 Atlanta Falcons
However, Ryan's second season, has regressed compared to the first season, on the one hand due to injuries, the other team's running back Turner is also stumbled in the run array, leading to Ryan who pressure suddenly increased a lot, if not the team with 8 of his offensive line in front of people standing configuration (eight-man fronts), estimate the performance of Ryan this season will be more struggle. The entire season, he had only passing success rate of 58.3%, while the performance of his 6 games and the downturn in the 6 games, he threw all of 14 times this season to be steals (interception) in the 11 months, while the Falcons in this game only 6 scored 3 wins, 3 losses of the results, a direct result of the team and missed the playoffs, but the team still full of confidence in Ryan, he overcame the quarterback just 80.9 points score, then the last three games in the regular season, led team to three straight.
this summer, the dolphins use the offseason, to Henny provides a super wide receiver - the former Denver Broncos star Brandon Marshall super (Brandon Marshall), this name 2 All-Star wide receiver in the past three seasons, there are 2 times the ball over 100 times a season, the arrival of the Marshall Islands to the Henny does a very good player to play the perfect match, in addition, can also Dolphin Marshall bring enough offensive efficiency.
Hennigan, a name without a pass from quarterback, became the first quarterback taken almost to the ranks of the players joined in a top wide receiver, the Henny than if there progress last season, then the Dolphins Patriots and Jets have two powerful enemies AL East, is not no chance to succeed.

2005 No. 1 in the first round of the 49 candidates overall by Smith, in his first three seasons as the team performance of the main quarterback struggled, this year, he has 30 times as a starter play, the success rate of only 54.4% passing, threw only 31 steals the ball 19 times passing touchdowns, more importantly, as a starting quarterback to play 49, he made only 11 wins, 19 losses bad results. Although people generally need time to temper that Smith needs to transition from the university system, but to play him and unstable so that people never see him as the potential where is.

team hope Sanchez can pass the ball and accurate decision-making and to have a rate increase, while the jet also think of a way to let the game become easier: First, the summer team Super running back before the introduction of Lada Neanderthal Tomlinson (LaDainian Tomlinson) to increase their running back lineup of thickness, although this name veteran showed last season, some weakness, but he can still be a then very dangerous player, he has had 8 consecutive seasons of 50 or more times a season of catch performance, his ability to catch much better than his predecessor, Thomas Jones (Thomas Jones, Note: Last season the main jet running back is one of the star running back, because of their age increases, the jet was laid off this summer, Thomas), which makes the goal of greatly increased Sanchez's pass and can provide some stability and passing yardage pass; followed , jet in the summer trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl season was 08-09 Finals MVP wide receiver Antonio 奥霍尔姆斯 (Santonio Holmes), although he will miss the season for various reasons the first 4 games However, Sanchez Holmes played absolutely wonderful strength and coordination (big play), while the other two teams pick players Bu Lailun Edwards (Braylon Edwards) and Dustin Keller (Dustin Keller ) also have the ability to be tacit understanding with the Sanchez, Sanchez points to choose the ball a lot, and his passing ability is likely to decide the final fate of the Jets season.
Fu Lake with the team to further increase target pass, Fu Lake will have more opportunities to advance the ball layers, and these factors if they can achieve with the plan may lead the Ravens North toward the top of the AL.

3. Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) 6 号 New York Jets
Tony Sparano (Tony Sparano, Notes: Dolphins coach) Dolphins times almost became the \David Hennigan points in the tactics they survived.
has entered the third-year quarterback Charles De Hengni, the original main team last season, quarterback Charles Pres Pennington (Chad Pennington) injury replacement in the starting position after , For the next 13 weeks, Peining Gordon pass complete success rate of 60.8%, 2878 yards passing yardage and 12 touchdowns passing and 14 were steals, although the statistics did not allow these technologies people feel the bright spots, but his perfect performance in the Dec. people felt he was really a very good deal. Hennigan this month to complete more than 300 yards 3 times the results, his arm strength and passing accuracy is to let people praise indeed, in the same district opponents this season victory over the New England Patriots game in his performance did can be said of his career masterpiece. This season he had three times behind the case in the fourth quarter comeback, and this further proof of his excellent psychological quality, and reasonable use of he took over the team is not strong outside of limited capacity, but also be a valuable intangible assets, and further to give him strength to fight for the privilege of the team quarterback.
the best league in the 2008 season Offensive rookie of the season in his team for the regular season led the Falcons made the National League (NFL) results of the third, in his first season, he became the second in NFL history for the season to pass over a single season 3000 yards of the player is currently playing for the first Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning Super (Peyton Manning), in this crazy rookie season, his report card was 61.1% passing success rate, 16 passing touchdowns and 11 were steals, 87.1 points in the league in quarterback rating is also ranked 11th in the regular season 16 games, he has more than 9 yards passing and 200 yards. Ryan also created a good team to play the main running back Michael Turner (Michael Turner), so the team can be in the air and on the ground are able to play well in that season, almost no one is optimistic about the Falcons situation Next into the playoffs when the season, 16 regular season games, they are incredible of them win 11 games. The team's wide receiver Roddy White (Roddy White) for the first time All-Star team.
Jets last season, gave Sanchez the opportunity to play enough to achieve the team's championship dreams, which were indeed seized the opportunity rookie, he nearly led his team to win the American League points championship seats. Although the victory of most of the jet array running attack and stifling to rely on defense, but Sanchez for the game surprisingly calm and firm, and he has overcome some of the unstable performance of the season, his first season really impressive .
Sanchez had four games last season, was 3 times or more steals in the game and his pass success rate of 53.8% and 63.0 quarterback rating points, starting quarterback in the league are also under multiplication, addition, he steals 20 times last season, second only to the Bears quarterback 杰伊卡特勒 26 times. These gloomy figures show the same as most of the rookie quarterback's growing pains, and to the playoffs, Sanchez received a thorough rebound, he showed enough courage, his high success rate in passing 60%, and 7.9-yard average passing yardage, and his quarterback rating has also been a surprising 92.7 points. Of course, it is undeniable that the strength of a strong jet Sanchez's excellent play indeed provides a good stage for many of his passes are done under a good situation, however, if the new season, still jet become a strong contender for the championship, they still have to count on Sanchez in the second season to the next level.
despite the veteran wide receiver Derrick Mason last season (Derrick Mason) has 73 times the ball's achievements, but Fu Lake the next pass to tight end Todd mostly Ship (Todd Heap) and some running back who is not a good team and the second wide receiver or even a third wide receiver, and pass most of the time just to take a short pass crow attack mode, the transmission makes Fu Lake global efficiency point of view from the data is not high. So this summer, the introduction of a number of very strong crow's receivers, the first of which is when the 3rd All-Star wide receiver, took over the Gemini outside one of the former Cardinals safety wide Paulding (Anquan Boldin), They also signed veteran wide receiver Dante Thistle speed type Voss (Donte Stallworth), in this year's NBA draft, they selected two tight end once Ed Dixon (Ed Dickson) and Dennis Pitta (Dennis Pitta). After the get Paulding, Crow has been a strong type of external (Physical Playmaker), short passing attack could turn into a more solid attack mode, he will replace the original external Derrick Mason Ravens 一号, and his outstanding defensive ability will attract more players and to create more opportunities for other teammates.

Depth analysis of the new generation quarterback led his team to see who can laugh at 2010 年 06 月 04 Union 日 12:30 NFL official site Views: 0 Comments (0)
4. Charles De Hengni (Chad Henne) 7 号 Miami Dolphins

crow completely released in the last season Fu Lake's passing ability, to run in such an array-based team, the Fu Lake of the pass called the performance amazing. Have more passing opportunities, Fu Lake, and the performance of his offensive group has also been fully exploited, in the first 7 games last season, the Ravens have scored over 30 points 5, 7 games in this in Fu Lake has 3 games over 300 yards passing, 12 touchdowns came pass and a league-high quarterback rating.
However, the crows in allowing Fu Lake more than 30 single-game passing game, made only 3 wins and 6 negative results, making the crows to reassess the use of Fu Lake. In the Ravens, they have a very strong running back lineup, Leilai Si (Ray Rice) is the main running back crows, crows in front of their running attack, usually a very smooth offensive play with them in the season and the playoffs, just rely on running array offensive to forfeit the win over the powerful New England Patriots proved to be necessary to rely on the crow does not necessarily pass Fu Lake to solve the game, and now the Ravens more matrix dominated by running, passing, supplemented, to grow slowly for Fu Lake.
2. Joe La (Joe Falcco) 5 号 Baltimore Ravens

in the NFL, teams in The gap is often dependent on their quarterback play, and if the team there is a quarterback enough to affect the results of the competition, then the team usually has a lot of hope to challenge the playoff spot. Last season, quarterback rating (QB Rating, a quarterback Comprehensive Capacity Statistics data) in the top 13 quarterback, 10, led their respective teams reached the playoffs, while the Number of passing yards the entire season of 10 over 4000 yards quarterback, their teams have entered the playoffs when the season. This does not mean that the team must pass to be able to play well into the playoffs, I mean, if this team does have a good quarterback, then you must find ways to give of his full strength, rather than just say \In summary, we have listed the following five new generation of the NBA's best quarterback,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and if their performance in the new season can be further than last season, their team has a good chance of a higher level .

offseason, Ryan's task is to set the ball with the team: tight end Tony Gonzalez (Tony Gonzalez), wide receivers Harry Douglas (Harry Douglas) and the Law Di Huaite achieve better understanding among the better implementation of team tactics, and to improve their deficiencies, such as passing accuracy, judgments, and pass just the right timing, and establish sufficient confidence in the race to better play.
Falcons next season whether the team's history in the space provided after the occasion is nothing to fill up some things, as a new generation leader in quarterback, Ryan should do something.

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16 passing touchdowns and 11 were steals
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