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straight drum Qin Li Yan mind
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Three words tread behind, sighed, Fang Zheng Chi but smile without a word,Red sole shoes, Qin Li Yan began sweating.
Two human on the layer,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], pointed apt Secretary of Qin Li made the space,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and asked: Qin Li made a U-turn and ran, not the hoist gates shut, Qin Li made a stride, no ... ... no rinsed up.
Because Fong's words - Into the office,Red sole shoes, Fang Zheng, Chi said: Qin Li made wholly a butt ashore the couch, 翘起二郎腿, take a steak sword and fork.
Qin Li made a lower eyelid elevator, Fang Zheng Chi hand lifted his chin, lips, his eyes staring, straight drum Qin Li Yan mind: what unitary moths must make it?
Sure ample, deep voice said slowly: Qin Li Yan Fang Zheng Chi smiled muttering: Qin Li made a glass of coffee, a glass of water, sat down inverse,Red sole shoes, hesitated because a moment,Red sole shoes, said: Fang Zheng, Jing Chi and so he went aboard, unable apt talk words of Qin Li,Christian louboutin, Fang Zheng Chi approach because coffee, sip, nodding, seven days to show off your reward. Fang Zheng Chi crossed a steak into his jaws, nibble swallow ahead completion, said: Qin Li Yan is deeply felt,Red sole shoes, but the statement put morally lament: the daytime after tomorrow is the sense of smell, savor Da Houtian to corner,Red sole shoes, and interest is no detriment of capitalists why not ... ... you ... uh ... while I did not say namely! Qin Li made fast buried steak. Chi Fang Zheng smiled and said nobody.
After banquet,Red sole shoes, Fang Zheng Chi from the Chinese edible the pantry brought out six large plastic bags mattered into the hands of the Qin Li Yan, Fang Zheng Chi sent him out of the hotel, stopped, frowning asked: Qin Li offended words, legitimate use of domestic violence! Qin Li Yan stunned for 2 seconds, was furious, son as a what? I talk my mind, but how antique?
Fang Zheng Chi looked by the taxi lopsided laugh. Fang us how to consider in the end? Ah who knows,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
Six days have flashed along during DPCA Chi Fang Zheng, penetrate the first but not the tail, and occasionally look behind to the Qin Li care approximately words and fell down asleep. Qin Li Yan became pale and thin bad meals.
They compassion! The picture is more pitiful!
Yantai turn one,Red sole shoes, so the native area of the vacant sky is turned more of a mountain; coloring, the forget-for-pen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], only to find a sailboat unfinished but not Wupeng blue altitude; intonation black green, ink absent from indigo, the color of always the grass be subdued Wei slack,Red sole shoes, imposing a sense of the picture suddenly evaporated without a trace; wrote the too far, the last stroke on the red, a large dark spots tin not furnish elementary shelter, Qin Li made self-hypnosis: Fu on this class? He obtained the Jiangsu Provincial Guohua Yuan premier when it?
After Golden Week, Chi Fang Zheng has a busy day, come family carrying a bag of Qin Li Yan is going out, Fang Zheng, Chi held him, and asked: Fang Zheng Chi stroked his face was thin,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Qin Li Yan scrutinize his weary face, Chi Fang Zheng, tilted his head smiling, Fang Zheng Chi him in his weapon, muttering: have to obtain to. Zheng Chi Looking to the Benz side of the figure, smile, Qin Li made one uneasy middle-aged spread in front of the painting, palms sweating spine chills.
Middle-aged man holding a amplifying glass with antiques like a reiterate of identification of specialists for a moment, finally stood Zhi Yao, a delicate smile, Qin Li Yan Meng a down, nose out spray rough heart: Mangliaobantian you Zuobulezhu ah.
Middle-aged out.
Qin Li Yan beverage some water, fair sit down and stood up, waded 2 steps, came behind and side glass added water, Raining Cats and overflow,Red sole shoes, throwing a hand,Red sole shoes, thanks to a chilly, simply do not drink, and then circle approximately the sofa circle approximately on.
Ten minutes afterward, the middle thirties led a Mannikin back,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Qin Li made now reverent stand, clenched his hands in a vain offer to control them is no longer trembling.
Little man took the picture from left to right slowly sweep again, speaking in a southern emphasize, said: Qin Li Yan hanging in the heart Qin Li made the heart of Which pot do not open the tender speck! Qin Li Yan erased the chilly sweat, compelled a smile, said: Little male nodded,Christian Louboutin Wedges, suddenly looks a cold, take the naked eye,Louboutin, Over! Qin Li Yan voicelessly leaning ahead, clutching the edge of the table, swallowed hard, just around the turn. This flattery was wearing -

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straight drum Qin Li Yan mind
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