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Li Yicheng escape again
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3 月 20 morning, after the mysterious death of patients after treatment failed, the hospital saved his blood and fingerprints. Hospital contact again with the deceased's niece,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],a pair of reading glasses, that the deceased real name is Li Yicheng, Li Yicheng's brother Lee to live in? River District, two-town. March 22 morning, leading to the eastern two-town hospital to find Lee,news quickly spread., Lee said, because of illegal imprisonment of his brother Li Yicheng years ago, has been wandering for decades. Lee commissioned the hospital will be cremated body of the deceased, said that the ashes do not save. The practice of different family members so that ordinary people feel strange hospital, the hospital immediately rushed to the East Shuanghe local police station.

1976 years, on suspicion of a crime of railway transportation, Li Yicheng was sentenced to 15 years. In 1977, Li Yicheng from Xinyang prison and fled, was arrested 27 days later and brought to justice. In 1980, Li Yicheng escape again, until the disease died this year.

3 月 8 morning,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a self-proclaimed \people in hospital. The patient in critical condition, urgent notification of their relatives. After repeatedly asked medical staff, patients dying before he faltered to repair bicycles for a living, and provides a fixed telephone. Hospital staff get through the phone, understand that telephone lines were the owner niece. But the niece refused to hospital to visit patients.
Xinyang News newspaper
Investigation: The deceased was originally escaped fugitives
a 68-year-old patient in the hospital after the death of their relatives refused to receive ashes. Relatives of the deceased in different practices of ordinary people find it strange, alert the hospital ordered to report to the police. Preservation of the deceased police fingerprint according to the hospital to investigate, and ultimately to identify the man turned out to be thwarted by the Beijing-Guangzhou railway due to be sentenced after the railway station Wushengguan twice escaped, fled a fugitive for 30 years.
□ correspondent, chief reporter He is right to pay the Admiralty

According to the survey,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Li Yicheng Xinyang City of origin? River District, two-town village. October 1975,the big New Year's to play what \, Li Yicheng instigated by fellow Xingmou, while 301 Wushengguan train station stop on the occasion, and Yuemou, Xingmou more than 10 workers rushed into the station with the trouble, the conductor, the dining car cook ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], marshals and other 7 wounded, 2 of them seriously injured, maimed a person, causing north-south traffic artery blocked 5 hours long.

3 23 morning, the East Shuang Wu Qing, director of the police station rushed to the deceased brother Lee at home understand the situation. According to the description of the deceased brother, Wu Qingli that check. Information: there was a man named Li Yicheng Xinyang prison's inmates have escaped,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], absconded for 30 years. Wuqing Li Xinyang is rushed to the prison, found in the archives of the Li Yicheng, Li Yicheng also found in 1979 left a fingerprint on a warrant. March 23 afternoon celebration with Li Yicheng Wu arrived fingerprint files? River Public Security Bureau. After a technical comparison, two fingerprints matched with the police immediately identified dead \

strange: The patient refused to receive the ashes of dead loved ones

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Li Yicheng escape again
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