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Ji moving gradually stabilize the heart
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Vulcan marital relations by no means bad, but the contrary, whom nearly a hundred years, this relationship Who can compare?
    \Vulcan laughed and tried to move two steps Ji arm round the shoulder, proudly said:
    \far worse. you go bad, and your ability can not be passed along. not a few years, so I maybe has a growing number of disciples again, and the world who do not know they are my disciples Vulcan. \Yin Zhao Rong Pieliaopiezui \have not heard what you give him the skills and practice methods. people it is her genius. As you master the cheap, is not on your own income people have to run and catch for the believers? not claiming credit the. This is not in college I was, or, what have you? Do not forget,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], \\Vulcan angrily, \inherited from your brother. \Zhao Ji Yin went to move the other side of the financial \You will be spoiled. \Over the next decade, I let you catch up with you little Ruirui, how? \Vulcan looking couple, Ji move can not help but burst silent, and he really did not know how to answer. However, this husband and wife bicker Vulcan left him feeling a bit warm from the heart filled with can not help but think that if one day I could and the flames so that it is lived and had no regrets.
Magician eighty-third episode of yin and yang dynamic third title of Chapter Kyi, one Genie
    , Keke, \Vulcan forehead of a film,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], yes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], yes, you see, so that the old woman of a mix, I even forgot to get down to business. Old woman, you can go. I had to Jiaotu Di. \Yin Zhao Rong slow walked away and pulled a chair Zhang Winfrey room and sat down.
    ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],, I was all right, I want to monitor you, province to teach you the little touch of bad. \Although Yin Chao Vulcan financial trouble for a lifetime, but fundamentally, he was very henpecked, look at that old yin Zhao Rong in the way of God in helpless shook his head, grabbed Kyi release move the hand, said: \Here, he glanced at his wife and a deliberate, proud stand tall.
    \Ji action asked: \Vulcan Neck First: \Have my wife for you and your law enforcement, not a problem. \\Two properties of the magic he had already gained a very uncomfortable, even if the Vulcan is not looking for him, a short time he will be the impact of the Triple Crown.
    Sit cross-legged on the floor, Ji moving gradually stabilize the heart, the thoughts in his mind may be the only moment there is a flame, but also is thinking about the flames,three years of prayer, he most likely to enter the trance state.
    Mind sinking into ideas, intended to keep yin and yang swirl, the magic of the body began to fast running. . To offer hands-on JI have a second child with a wish to give him the moon and double-hui gloves, in practice there is a benefit in the process, either C or D Fire Elemental Fire Elemental, which he inhaled through the gloves When the body, have gone through a compressed,one high and one low two people slowly came up, so that further compression in his body becomes much easier to absorb the magic of speed will naturally increase.
    Vulcan's voice Ji moving ears, a crown to the two crown, is magical change from the gaseous to the liquid, a symbol of the magic of compression, condensate

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Ji moving gradually stabilize the heart
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