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s attack ad asks why
PostWysłany: Śro 2:16, 20 Paź 2010

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“Why was Rand Paul a member of a secret society that called the Holy Bible a hoax that was banned for mocking Christianity and Christ? Why did Rand Paul once tie a woman up, tell her to bow down before a false idol and say his god was Aqua Buddha? Why does Rand Paul now want to end all faith based initiatives,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], even end the deduction for religious charities? Why are there so many questions about Rand Paul?”

(ChattahBox Political News)— Rand Paul,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the extreme Libertarian opthamologist running for the senate from Kentucky certainly walks to the beat of his own drum. He has questioned the basis for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and he has attacked President Obama as “un-American” for criticizing BP’s response to the Gulf oil disaster. To add to his well-deserved reputation as somewhat of a kook, GQ magazine came out with a story profiling Paul’s college days that, included bong hits and a strange tale of a college prank gone wrong, wherein Paul abducted a college girl, blindfolded her and forced her to bow down to the false god of “Aqua Buddha.” His Democratic opponent Attorney General Jack Conway, trailing Paul by a couple of points, is seeking to capitalize on Paul’s weirdness, while also questioning his commitment to the Christian faith in a new ad asking, “Why are there so many questions about Rand Paul?
Watch the ad:

Conway’s Rand Paul Ad: Why is This Dude so Weird? (Video)
Conway’s attack ad asks why:
Since Paul captured the Republican primary,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he has followed the Sarah Palin tea party playbook and has avoided traditional media, to ensure he is not questioned too closely on some of his extreme Libertarian views. He has instead, appeared on friendly media outlets, such as Fox News and right-wing radio. As a consequence, the voters of Kentucky, just two-weeks away from the election, still know very little about Rand Paul as a candidate.
Steve Benen of the Political Animal points out that Conway certainly has a slew of other issues he can effectively hit Paul with, such as Paul’s support for a national sales tax
Written by Sue · Filed Under U.S.
“What’s more, I also think Conway has an even stronger line of attack going after Rand Paul’s support for a regressive 23% sales tax on everything Kentuckians purchase. Not only has the Republican candidate endorsed the radical idea, he’s even lied about it.”
Whether this ad will resonate with Kentucky voters is hard to say, but it’s wrong when Republicans question President Obama’s faith and it’s wrong here.
Rand’s support for shifting taxation from his wealthy donors to the rest of us is typical of a politician who is for sale.
When Paul is forced to subject himself to scrutiny before real journalists, some of his bizarre views come tumbling out. During a recent senatorial debate for example, Paul called for the elimination of the Department of Education, because he falsely claimed the federal agency dictated local curriculum that leads to “Susie has two mommies”lessons.
October 17, 2010

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s attack ad asks why
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