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\\the. geocentric Lake I will also be closed
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A bird inside, the wings are gone, and only a dilapidated school uniforms, and all the gold on his body inflammation, such as for the owner at this time are completely engulfed Ji Yi Feng's body.
    Golden fireball into the Ji Yi Feng, like a meteor-like golden roofs of the buildings from the soil Dangqi Department of Education, soar out of the drop towards the floor to the nearest number of people can clearly see,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the chest and abdomen Ji Yi Feng between half a foot with a diameter hole of terror.
    Like a sinking heart was instantly taken previously broken, Ji Yi Feng own life would fall like a shooting star general moments, up to 59 magic in him, by virtue of its strong defense of his magic skills body care, even to such a spike in being Jin Yan being.
    Ji move knocks gasped, his hands palm, grain powder scattered, and that two fourth-order moment of magic nuclei has long been sucking burst. He also felt the throat while the thirsty people, who seem to have been drained the blood in general. Body shaking slightly, breathing pure air breather.
    Including the Terrible, including the many disciples of yin and yang school flying into the sky, chasing the falling Korean Ji Yi Feng, rushed downstairs, and the scene has been plunged into chaos, Ji move had no idea the power of the blow to the point even stronger, not even 59 soil series E magician can not resist.
    Flame spell to help him tell his wake-up call Suzaku change, Suzaku to help him change and awakened the memory of the flame king, and finally learned the first nirvana. With Suzaku become available energy, yin and yang,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a bit chaotic whirlpool of fire that the fundamental force, as well as sun and moon, and the increase in double glow gloves magic contains two nuclei. He really performed like a magic crown that was supposed to fully master the 5 fire king nirvana, sun cone.
    Regardless of how the chaos around, the flames looked like a red dress and did not see like half points, moving step by step walk in front of JI, grasp his hand, \fighting man. Thank you, let me have this feeling. \Ji exudes subtle dynamic look at their own coke taste right hand, smile: \Flames once again stepped forward, even in his face one last kiss, \Ji crazy eyes move, the eyes held a fiery glory, \\the. geocentric Lake I will also be closed, as to how long I'm not sure. may be a month to a year. During this time, you have to take good care of yourself, so I end practice, Nature will inform you. \Ji action was taken aback, refused remaining gentle on the face feel like that,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], \Flames chuckle shook his head, \can not see each other again, but I still would've watched what happened in this world. bye. \Taken the step, flames like riding on top of a layer of misty Hongsha,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the next step, she is out of the hall, quietly disappeared. But, at this time no one to notice her. Dance venue has long been a chaos.
    Blue-violet light flash, Fred jumped up from downstairs, he was rushed to a stride Ji moving around, will be quickly inserted into the token that two hands in Ji, Chen Sheng shouted: \. \Terrible for the five-story is nothing, the body in the air, a blue-violet lightning out of his hand Cleave, ushered in the space dragon tear Growl, a dragon-shaped lightning religious ties to help They stopped falling trend, Winfrey took a hand Ji move, the other a push hands in the air, a sudden change of direction, it just fell out of the purple free hip Lei Yao Dragon back.
    Yao Lei Purple Dragon interlinked with Winfrey mind, giant wings started soaring towards the day away outside the ten University.
    Ji also took action in his flying school just the same time, figure the number of Road Department Building has been in from the soil flashed.
Episode Ninety-second chapter of yin and yang magician escape Institute
    \Sun cast a hammer,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his whole person

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\\the. geocentric Lake I will also be closed
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