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straight wash birds. Qing Yu F
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So numerous people waiting to return home, the soldiers are looking forward to an early finish victory. Drag day, painful, alternatively people. Jia Lu Yan night did not speak.
House Qing Yu suddenly thought: Qing Yu F, frowning. Lu Zhou Cheng stationed in Camp outdoor of miles away in two, fewer than a hundred miles forward the canyon before is subjugated by the West Blue Moon Lan people. Lu namely immediately fraught with state of the metropolis fled from the blue moon from the people,Christian Louboutin sale, thanks to legion oppression Jia Lu Yan night the town, or people extra nervous.
Qing Yu F, hesitated a moment,Christian Louboutin sale, whispered: Jia Lu Yan night, surprised, fast swept him, Chen Sheng said: House Qing Yu said: Jia Lu Yan night, eyes lessened, such for the eyes sharp knife, staring by the layer, straight neat birds.
Qing Yu F, wept, and said: Jia Lu Yan Chen actually knew the night would not betray him and others, silent a moment, said: Qing Yu F, slightly surprised, blurting out: Jia Lu Yan night glared by him. Drink 2 glasses of both last night, he will not forget tonight faint accidents, ashore the course by his Shui bed.
Qing Yu is also the hearts of remorse floor. But you mention namely one couple of no more than two months the pair met the 1st night tin do? Do not win the small marrying, in adding to bed, floor, Yu Qing really can not think of everything another. Chen Xiuqing met until this morning, chatting from his words suddenly revealing the information to guess the likely aim Jia Lu Yan night.
While the lower body of the faint blunt rash also prompted him of last night,Christian Louboutin sale, merely the injury did not everything from small to great, he received did not dwell on that.
House suddenly thought of a problem Qing Yu, Su Yan said: Jia Lu Yan night paused and said: Qing Yu F,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with a few steps up, said: Qing Yu F, deep look by him,Christian Louboutin sale, straight along.
Jia Lu Di Yan night behind him: Qing Yu F, smiled back,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hold in mouth neat and superficial lips modest laugh,Christian Louboutin sale, lightly: That laugh truly enjoyable. Unfortunately, half of the letter Jia Lu Yan at night-time doubt, not time to enjoy.
Zaoshan used to pack prepared, Jia Lu Yan did not watch the floor has been cleared the night birds figure, and my center is still puzzled, while he came to town riding a lion in front of Chung,Christian Louboutin sale, see Yu Qing military uniform floor, with a team of edible charge the military forces, indifferent composure Beiyuan horse sat on horseback. See him, just a touch authentic: 35
That night, Jia Lu Yan essence cavalry night on the blue moon launched a ferocious aggression. Lan Lan moon in the west to the large homogeneous people probably browse cutting-edge to forage equitable yesterday,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], are preparing to recharge your batteries state of Lu wonder surprise,Christian Louboutin sale, but was one step ahead, so start with the premier night of Jia Lu Yan.
Qing Yu F, the way in to the frontier has long been a thorough thinking of the location here,Christian Louboutin sale, while Jia Lu Yan nights in the huge camp goes to see his own drawn frame chart, but also surprised.
Qing Yu F, he unraveled namely he is not with how much message is collected merely With a remove idea and deep drawing capability came up with this chart. Know ourselves and understand yourself, Qing Yu years building a vocation not Bailian of the Air Force. But Jia Lu Yan is a faultless tactical night, even the Qing Yu F, also not many to pick omissions.
This aggression started from four in the morning (this time is the time to arrange as the weakest) until the afterward daytime p.m.. When the campaign eventually finished, the Blue Moon has returned a colossal homogeneous territory.
The cruel and coarse archaic battlefield, though has been psychologically ready, F. Qing Yu still meditation that fighting is a magnificent tragic visual and psychological shock. I, because not too numerous on the face of the cruel realities of war ahead choosing the Air Force, and he enlisted and dismissed entire the time of truce, in addition to discipline, work fight the fight that never really faced.
Qing Yu F, Camp responsible for the defense in the rear, he asked to be on the battlefield Jia Lu Yan night rejected mercilessly, then careful thought I halfway decent in this earth of martial arts, does not heat, whether on the arena near more than life warranty but not enough to fight enemy,Christian Louboutin sale, but it is no internal force alternatively someone, maybe up just chaos. Besides Jia Lu Yan night closely every step carefully planned, their insert in inexplicably scared he would disrupt the deployment, so thought to want to go,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they linger in the barracks with the rear and two subaltern is responsible for ward.
Bow, miss the target.
Arrow to perceive the enemy's neck, watching the blood gushing out, the antagonist fell from his horse slumped. Qing Yu F,Christian Louboutin sale, deadpan, but my mind was a mini turbulence.
This was his third night slew thirteen.
He * it! No marvel,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], behind police opened launch to undergo psychological counseling. Regardless of the die did not dead, this psychological pressure is not general people can bear.
Qing Yu F,Christian Louboutin sale, not the last generation did not move also hard, but the killing, but it is the premier time. He must acknowledge that he did not like the emotion. In peacetime,Christian Louboutin sale, as a nativity equal and free environment who grew up in this regard the behavior of people like clay so that he dishonored. However, as a eligible military workers, the loss of life in men is unavoidable. Air Force, the first chapel in the counseling course, is to amplify the psychological quality of the face of decease.
Qing Yu indifference floor bow afresh, miss the target, take aim,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], shoot.
His knife is not home, but the signals are quite sophisticated, well done for his previous life sniper potential. The long-range shot, granting him a mini less sensibility of nausea and disgust.
Look up gradually rising sun,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the building has been fighting the Qing Yu gaze into the city's large militia, I suddenly thought Jia Lu Yan night. So mighty, now ambition the blood of many hands, not knowing while the war ended, when he will not be bored.
The terminal capture of blue moon. Yu Qing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], when city building, roads, filling the bodies of enemies and large Qishi Bing, logistics forces are picking up the pieces,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the two bodies were stacked, it probably cremated morrow.
Moon came to the city prefect Fuya Lan, Jia Lu Yan Chen Xiuqing is for the night bar prop the bruise. His face is pale, but still shine and piercing eyes, sharp as front.
Jia Lu Yan account of the night to achieve its object, let them count the battlefield,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and commanded a catena of measures, are the next steps behind the city won. Finally prone of these matters, the sky is about nightfall.
House looking at those generals, Qing Yu and out, his face filled with both joy and high spirits. Their self-confidence,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Jia Lu Yan from the night of worship and believe in their hearts, not just the chief that the two princes who, or a small morning of God in their mind. Perhaps,Christian Louboutin sale, 'little' less than the word immediately, and in their hearts, I'm fearful the Wal night Jia Lu Yan, Ling has been more fighting in the emperor's commons He even upon it.
Jia Lu Yan night a little exhausted and fell on the bed and whispered: House Qing Yu put something down, over to the bed, help him take off his cumbersome body armor,Christian Louboutin sale, which became the white coat, dingy red, coated the wound still faintly flickering shine red.
Wang Qing Yu floor of his injuries a long while, to help him cover the quilt, said: Jia Lu Yan night seems to have fallen dormant, and did not speak.
Evening fog and lifeless, little streamer.

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straight wash birds. Qing Yu F
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